Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Christian Blogs. They get so heated.
An excerpt from the life of Brandon Iam below.
His blog is an amazing example of Christianity immersed in daily life.
Brandon is also taking time off from college to concentrate on his marriage. Not something you hear often these days. The below quote from his blog is about an anonymous commenter who challenged his claim that his life goals are to 1. raise kids with their own minds. 2. raise kids who love the lord. The anonymous poster thinks this is not possible. Brandon disagrees.

"So... I get this anonymous comment the other day to my post of "life goals." Here it is, word-for-word


Topics 8 & 9 totally contradict each other. You cannot possible have both.

A fellow Christian



To refresh your memory, "goals" eight and nine read as such:

8. Raise kids with their own minds
9. Raise kids who love the Lord



I apologize in advance, but I cannot take your word for your being a Christian.

Firstly, if you WERE a Christian, YOU would purport to having your own mind, even THOUGH you loved your savior Jesus. I certainly have MY own mind, and I think you realize that. Do you enjoy reading the blog of someone who is brainwashed, or do you actually see original ideas on here from time to time? Thus, I was insulted by your comment. But no matter.

Do you love your savior, anonymous? Or were you just claiming to be a Christian because you thought I would respect you more, give you more "clout" or something, upon your claim? It's not hard to be a Christian. But BELIEF is the cornerstone of that decision. Rather, it is the whole foundation. I am copying a portion of this text here."

I left the scripture out, but you can read it on the blog. After this post, is a post of his grocery list.

Feeling Voyeristic? This woman is the happiest blogger I have ever come across. Ever. Envy her life and her love.